Valentine Emesih

Advisory Board Member

Vice President of Operational Technology and Cybersecurity,  CenterPoint Energy

Valentine is CenterPoint Energy’s Vice President of Operational Technology and Cybersecurity.  In this role, he leads several technology teams, including Advanced Digital Systems, using digital control systems for gathering, analyzing and controlling field devices in the energy delivery value chain from generation sources to customer meters; Advanced Analytics and Market Solution, enabling CenterPoint Energy to make effective business decisions using data and advanced analytics; and Cyber Security and Information Security, including the effective management of cyber security risks that can impact customer and employee privacy, corporate systems and digital systems that control and manage the company’s energy delivery for both electric and natural gas businesses.

During his career of over 30 years, Valentine has worked in utility and utility automation businesses. He joined CenterPoint Energy in 1997; prior to joining the company, he held engineering, system development and project management positions at multiple electric utility automation systems vendors.

Valentine earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from The University of Texas at Austin and a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Auburn University. He is a licensed professional engineer.

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