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Program of the Smart Grid Workshop, April 17, 2013

08:00-08:05 AM Opening remarks: Workshop Goals and Objectives (Mladen Kezunovic, Director, Smart Grid Center), Slides >

08:05-08:10 AM Welcome: Terry W. Fossum, Interim Vice President for Research, TAMU.

08:10-08:30 AM Overview: TEES Smart Grid Center (Mladen Kezunovic, Director, Smart Grid Center), Slides >

08:30-09:00 AM Keynote: Smart Grid Progress and Challenges: A National Perspective(George Arnold, Director, Standards Coordination Office, National Institute of Standards and Technology), Slides >

9:00-9:30 AM Invited talk: Industrial Innovation and the Smart Grid (John McDonald, Director, Technical Strategy and Policy Development for GE Energy-Digital Energy), Slides >

09:30-09:55 AM Summary presentation: Research in Transmission, Distribution, and Integration of Renewables and Distributed Generation (Le Xie, Karen Butler-Purry, Garng Huang, Mladen Kezunovic,Don Russell, Chanan Singh), Slides >

09:55-10:10 AM Summary presentation:Research in Wind Renewables (John Pappas, Interim Director, Texas A&M Energy Institute), Slides >

10:10-10:30 AM Break and Posters

10:30-11:10 AM Panel Session: Research in Physical and Cyber security (Karen Butler-Purry, Riccardo Bettati, Guofei Gu, Laszlo Kish, Narasimha Reddy), Sides >

11:10-11:35 AM Summary presentation: Research in Transportation and Electricity Convergence (Mladen Kezunovic, Ismail Capar, Ivan Damnjanovic, Mehrdad Ehsani, Steven Puller, Arnold Vedlitz, JoeZietsman, Le Xie), Slides >

11:35-12:00 AM Summary presentation: Research in Alternative Power Generation (Mark Holtzapple, Sergio Capareda, Partha Mukherjee, Pavel Tsvetkov), Slides >

12:00-1:30 PM Lunch and Posters
Welcome: Dimitris Lagoudas, Senior Associate Dean for Research,College of Engineering; Deputy Director, TEES; Associate Vice Chancellor for Engineering Research; Aerospace Engineering
Invited talk:What’s wrong with the “Dumb” Grid? (Pat Wood, III, Wood3 Resources, Principal), Slides >

1:30-1:55 PM Summary Presentation:Research in Policy and Societal Issues (Tarla Peterson, Bruce McCarl, Arnold Vedlitz), Slides>

1:55-2:10 PM Summary Presentation: Research in Energy Management for Buildings (David Claridge, Director,Energy Systems Laboratory), Slides >

2:10-2:50 PM Panel Session: Research in Smart Grid Education (Chanan Singh, Jorge Alvarado, Ana Goulart,Bryan Rasmussen, Wei Zhan), Slides >

2:50-3:15 PM Summary Presentation: Research in Communications and Embedded Systems (P.R. Kumar, Narashimha Reddy, Jose Silva-Martinez, Alex Sprintson, Radu Stoleru), Slides >

3:15-3:35 PM Break and Posters

3:35-4:00 PM Summary Presentation: Research in Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage (Haiyan Wang,Arum Han, Perla Balbuena, Miladin Radovic, Jorge Seminario), Slides >

4:00-4:25 PM Summary Presentation: Research in Sensors, Devices and Components (Reza Langari, Rusty Harris, Christi Madsen, Robert Nevels, Alexander Parlos, Peter Shi), Slides >

4:25-4:50 PM Summary Presentation: Research in Systems Engineering (Yu Ding, Natarajan Gautam, RickGibson, Jianhua Huang, Andrew Johnson, Erik Moreno-Centeno), Slides >

4:50-5:15 PM Summary presentation: Research in Power Electronics and Interfacing of Renewables (Robert Balog, Karen Butler-Purry, Mehrdad Ehsani, Prasad Enjeti, Hamid Toliyat), Slides >

5:15-5:30 PM Closing remarks: Partnerships and Outreach (Costas Georghiades, Associate Dean for Research,College of Engineering)

5:30-7:30 PM Reception and Poster Session
      Closing:Mladen Kezunovic, Director, Smart Grid Center