Workshop on Steering Cities and Regions towards Resilience and Equity, 12/15/2022

Workshop on Steering Cities and Regions towards Resilience and Equity is an event related to the project titled “SRS RN: Sustainable Transportation Electrification for an Equitable and Resilient Society (STEERS)” and funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

This event is going to be held on December 15, 2022, from 8:15 AM to 1:30 PM. It is organized in collaboration by Rice University, The Kinder Institute for Urban Research, Texas A&M, UT San Antonio, Texas Tech University bringing together stakeholders and project participants to further develop this STEERS vision.

In this workshop, we will discuss ongoing research and development from social science, humanities, architecture and engineering towards urban and rural resilience with the greater Houston region as a testbed. We will also hear from institutional representatives and community stakeholders about their needs and challenges to realize such a resilient metropolis as envisioned for future generations. The gaps we reveal between needs and capabilities will effectively steer policy and innovation for safer and more equitable regions.

The meeting place is Kraft Hall, Room 130, School of Social Science, Rice University (6100 Main Street, Suite 305, Houston, TX 77005-1892).

More information on this event is posted here.