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Thomas Powell Fellowship Recipients – 2019

This year 22 graduate students were awarded Thomas Powell’62 Fellowships sponsored generously by Thomas Powell’62 and Powell Industries Inc. This is the greatest honor that a full-time, currently enrolled student can receive in Electrical Power Engineering at Texas A&M. The list of recent awardees is the following:

Student Degree Advisor
Cecilia Klauber Ph.D. Thomas Overbye, Ph.D.
Rayan El Helou Ph.D. Le Xie, Ph.D.
Wei Trinh Ph.D. Thomas Overbye, Ph.D.
Brandon Thayer MSEE Thomas Overbye, Ph.D.
Jessica Wert MSEE Thomas Overbye, Ph.D.
Riley Kilfoyole MSEE Mehrdad Ehsani, Ph.D.
Bryton Praslicka Ph.D. Hamid Toliyat, Ph.D.
Aaqib Peerzada Ph.D. Miroslav Begovic, Ph.D.
Abhijeet Sahu Ph.D. Kate Davis, Ph.D.
Babak Rahrovi Ph.D. Mehrdad Ehsani, Ph.D.
Farid Naghavi Ph.D. Hamid Toliyat, Ph.D.
Hanyue Li Ph.D. Thomas Overbye, Ph.D.
Hao Huang Ph.D. Kate Davis, Ph.D.
Juhee Yeo Ph.D. Thomas Overbye, Ph.D.
Jorge Cisneros Saldana Ph.D. Miroslav Begovic, Ph.D.
Milad Soleimani Ph.D. Mladen Kezunovic, Ph.D., P.E.
Minjeong Kim Ph.D. Robert Balog, Ph.D.
Ogbonnaya Bassey Ph.D. Karen Butler Purry, Ph.D.
Pooria Dehghanian Ph.D. Thomas Overbye, Ph.D.
Ramin Tafazzoli Mehrjardi Ph.D. Mehrdad Ehsani, Ph.D.
Yijing Liu Ph.D. Thomas Overbye, Ph.D.
Mohammad Khoshjahan Ph.D. Mladen Kezunovic, Ph.D., P.E.