Mission and Vision

Mission: To form a competitive environment to advance efficient use of electric energy and modernization of the electricity grid, as well as to promote creation of multidisciplinary research teams to solve problems and deliver innovative and effective smart grid.

Vision: Seamless integration of power system infrastructure with the transportation and existing built environment to create 21st century energy ecosystems capable of solving pressing energy issues while meeting the needs and expectations of future generations.

Featured Collaborator

Shuguang (Robert) Cui – (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

-Research Interests: Statistical signal processing in sensor networks, MIMO, Cooperative MIMO, and Cooperative Multiuser Communications, Network modeling and network information theory, Cross-layer design optimization for energy-constrained networks (such as sensor networks), Cognitive radio networks, Design synergy between hardware and system software, Application of convex optimization in communication system design and signal processing. More >

EPRI Industry Training

“Workshop on Advanced Modeling for Distribution Planning and Operations“, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) training for industry partners was held at Texas A&M on April 19-21, 2017 More >

Recent Publications

S. Borlase, M. Brandao, J. Fine, M. Kezunovic, and B. Wojszczyk, "Smart Grid Challenges and Transformations” Chapter, In Stuart Borlase (Ed) Smart Grids: Advanced Technologies and Solutions, Second Edition, CRC Press, Chapter 2, 2017.
More books and book chapters >

T. Dokic, M. Kezunovic, “Real-Time Weather Hazard Assessment for Power System Emergency Risk Management,” CIGRE Grid of the Future 2017, Cleveland, OH, October 24, 2017.
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