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Smart Grid Workshop, TAMU, April 21, 2015

Theme: Challenges in Evaluating Smart Grid Solutions: Metrics, Testing, Certification, Modeling and Simulation, and Testbeds

Goals and Objectives

Invited speakers will elaborate on the topic. Two panel sessions on testbeds will discuss existing modeling, simulating, testing and calibration facilities and future developments of testbeds.

In break-out sessions, the followings will be discussed:

  • Big Data, Weather Impacts, Asset and Outage Management;
  • EMS, DMS, Cybersecurity, and Substation Automation;
  • Demand-Side Management, Ancillary Services, and Electricity Markets;
  • Building Energy Management, Smart Meters, and Sensors;
  • Synchrophasor Systems, PMUs and PDCs, and GPS;
  • Microgrids, EVs, Distributed Generation, and Energy Storage.

In addition, TAMUS students will present pertinent posters associated with their research.


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