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Webinar on 5/22/2024: Full-Fidelity EV Integration Study Using Large-Scale Combined T&D Simulations

One of the key pillars of the energy transition is the electrification of transportation. While much work has been done in this area, it is mostly single-disciplinary, ignoring the detailed modeling and simulation of other systems and sub-systems. In this webinar, I will present the cutting-edge work at Texas A&M University on full-fidelity interdisciplinary EV integration simulations and research, modeling both the detailed transportation dynamics, unbalanced distribution power flow on an ultra-large-scale network, and AC power flow on an ERCOT-sized grid. In partnership with ElectroTempo, we have calculated EV charging demand using full travel demand and traffic simulations for 96, 24-hour scenarios for the combined Dallas/Fort Worth/Houston area including the I-45 corridor. We then correlated this load to our synthetic distribution networks and conducted a full unbalanced distribution system power flow analysis on 1,800 distribution feeders over the DFW/Houston/I-45 footprint, connected to a synthetic 7,000 bus transmission system covering all of Texas. I will be presenting an overview of ElectroTempo’s EV load, the co-simulation framework, the results of the project, and ongoing work and future collaboration opportunities on EV studies.

The webinar was held on Zoom at 3 p.m. CDT on May 22, 2024

The presentations slides are posted here and the video can be viewed here.


Jonathan Snodgrass, Ph.D.

Jonathan Snodgrass, Ph.D., is a Senior Research Engineer at the Texas Engineering Experiment Station (TEES), at Texas A&M University, working under Professor Thomas Overbye in the area of large-scale electric power systems. He received his BS and MS degrees at Texas A&M University, and MS and PhD degrees at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, all in electrical engineering. His primary research area is in power system network planning and resilience, with current projects focusing on light, medium and heavy-duty EV integration using combined transmission and distribution co-simulation. His other research areas include modeling impact of high-impact, low-frequency events (such as GMD and EMP) on the electric grids, power system optimization, and microgrids. He also worked for two years at Zachry Engineering Corporation in Amarillo, TX designing simple and combined cycle natural gas generating plants.

To read more about his research, please visit Jonathan’s [Scholar Page Link] webpage.