Resilient Electric Grid Consortium of North America Symposium (RECONS 2022)

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Electric grids worldwide are rapidly changing with the integration of much more renewable generation, the addition of new loads, and new technology.  Our electric future could be quite bright as we quickly move to a long-term sustainable energy infrastructure!  However associated with these changes there is a need to maintain and enhance the resiliency of the grid.  To address this need, the Resilient Electric Grid Consortium of North America (RECON) initiative (PI: Dr. Thomas Overbye, O’Donnell Foundation Chair III Professor, TAMU; Director, TEES Smart Grid Center) brings together a diverse group of universities and a national lab from across the continent to help our society make this transition.  To showcase the exciting electric grid resiliency research that is already taking place, RECON is hosting a symposium (RECONS 2022) in person on Thursday November 17, 2022 at the Texas A&M Smart Grid Center (SGC) facility in Bryan, TX.  This event includes presentations from leading researchers, and the opportunity to experience the best in class interactive electric grid resiliency simulations in the SGC control room lab.

The agenda with links to slides is posted here.


RECONS 2022 was held at the Center for Infrastructure Renewal (CIR) at RELLIS campus of Texas A&M University System. The address is 1041 RELLIS Pkwy, Bryan, TX 77807. Information on airports and driving directions is listed at the CIR website.

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