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Kris Davis, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Material Science & Engineering

Office: Research I, Room 150H
Phone: (407) 823-2415
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Research Interests: Thin film deposition and semiconductor device fabrication; Characterization of thin films and interfaces; Surface passivation materials for semiconductors; Development of carrier-selective materials and heterostructures; Optical materials and photon management in optoelectronic devices; Characterization of photovoltaic cells and modules; Defect detection and root cause analysis in photovoltaics; Reliability and durability of photovoltaics; Modeling and simulation of optoelectronic devices

Zhihua Qu, Ph.D. 

Thomas J. Riordan and Herbert C. Towle Chair & Pegasus Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Founding Director of RISES, A University Research Center
Founding Director of FEEDER Center

Office: HEC-439C
Phone: (407) 823-5976

Research Interests: Power system stability; Wide-area controls and their modular data-driven designs; Self-organizing microgrids; Distributed energy resources; Distributed optimization; Cooperative control

Kelly Stevens, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor, School of Public Administration jointly with Resilient, Intelligent, and Sustainable Energy Systems (RISES) Center, FSEC Energy Research Center

Office: Research 1 Room 150F
Phone: (407) 823-2243

Research Interests: Energy & environmental policy; Environmental management; Science and technology policy

Wei Sun, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Director of Siemens Digital Grid Lab

Office: HEC 306
Phone: (407) 823-2344

Research Interests: Electric power and energy systems; Power system restoration and self-healing; Interdependent critical infrastructure; Cyber-physical security; Microgrid and data centers; Renewable integration; Distributed energy resources; Transmission and distribution operation and control