DOE Funds Physics-Aware and AI-Enabled Cyber-Physical Intrusion Response for the Power Grid Research Lead by Kate Davis

The new research project titled “Physics-Aware and AI-Enabled Cyber-Physical Intrusion Response for the Power Grid” is funded through the U.S. Department of Energy  (DOE) for 3 years.  This $2.7 million research focuses on developing techniques and scalable working prototypes addressing the goal and challenges of achieving coordinated cyber-physical response (of both cyber and physical controls together) in a scalable, secure, and reliable way.  The multi-disciplinary and multi-investigator research is lead by Principal Investigator (PI) Kate Davis, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Texas A&M University (TAMU) collaborating with Co-PIs: Ana Goulart, Ph.D. (Associate Professor, Department of Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution, TAMU), Saman Zonouz, Ph.D. (Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Georgie Tech), Rakesh Bobba, Ph.D. (Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Oregon State University), Robin Berthier, Ph.D. (CEO & Co-Founder, Network Perception), Hala Balouz (President, Electric Power Engineers), and John Camilleri (General Manager, PSC Consulting).

The news on the new DOE funding and Dr. Davis’ research highlighted by TAMU Engineering can be accessed here.

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