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Awards, Scholarships

Alice & Earl Nye ’59 Scholarship

Benjamin Wiseman, an undergraduate student at ECE, was awarded a continuing student scholarship from the College of Engineering named the Alice & Earl Nye ‘59 Scholarship. Benjamin is working with Dr. Le Xie, Associate Professor (ECE), on power systems research.

Outstanding M.S. Student Award

Xinbo Geng, a graduate student at ECE, has received the Outstanding M.S. Student Award from the College of Engineering. Xinbo works with Dr. Le Xie, Associate Professor (ECE), and his research interests include electricity market, demand response and data analytics for power systems.

TAMU Graduate & Professional Student Council Travel Award

Payman Dehganian, a Ph.D. candidate (ECE) won the TAMU Graduate & Professional Student Council Travel Award. Payman is one of 7 students selected out of 120 applicants campus-wide. Using this award, he will compete in the IEEE Metrocon Competition among the Electrical Engineers in Dallas on October 22nd, 2015. The title of his presentation is

Best Paper Award at IEEE GLOBECOM 2014

Professor Xi Zhang and Jingqing Wang, his Ph.D. student, won the prestigious Best Paper Award at the IEEE GLOBECOM 2014 conference held in Austin, TX, U.S.A., during December 8-12, 2014. Their paper was titled “3D Percolation Theory-Based Exposure-Path Prevention for Optimal Power-Coverage Tradeoff in Clustered Wireless Camera Sensor Networks”. Read more >