Welcome to our Testbeds page

The Testbed setup resembles a commercial control system infrastructure that can be found in the utility industry today. The initial Testbed configuration includes EMS and Synchrophasor production system being developed using various commercial solutions acquired through partnership agreements with major vendors, such as Alstom/GE Grid Solutions, OsiSoft, Esri, National Instrument, OPAL-RT and others. It will provide the means for collection, storage, analysis, and visualization of various power system and information & control system data, as well as evaluation of innovative applications for future smart grid. The production system is instrumented with software and hardware to allow for testing, calibration and evaluation of various advanced developments in powers system control and protection.

With any question or comment, please, contact Dr. Mladen Kezunovic, Center Director (kezunov@tamu.edu) or Dr. Thomas Overbye, Associate Center Director (overbye@tamu.edu).