Experimental Open Source Ecosystem (EXPOSE)  for Energy Cyber-Physical System Testbed Hub

As an integral part of the future development of the energy systems it is expected that the new and legacy infrastructures for monitoring, control and protection will be tightly coupled. The clustered testbed approach in representing various energy CPS solutions allows the CPS evaluation ranging from an independent operation in a given domain to an interactive design across multiple domains. The cluster of testbeds provides essential tools to mimic the domains and interactions for the energy CPS community to enhance the impact of their research through experimental verification; to provide a conduit for interaction among CPS researchers as they compare results and share their experimental data, models, and use cases; and to support interdisciplinary education and training programs for workforce development.

Key Features of EXPOSE Testbeds:


More information about the testbeds can be found here.

With any question or comment, please, contact Dr. Mladen Kezunovic, Center Director (kezunov@tamu.edu) or Dr. Thomas Overbye, Associate Center Director (overbye@tamu.edu).