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Mladen Kezunovic (S’77-M’80–SM’85–F’99-LF’17), received the Dipl. Ing., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering in 1974, 1977, and 1980, respectively. He has been with Texas A&M University for 31 years.
Currently, he is Regents Professor and Eugene E. Webb Professor, Director of the Smart Grid Center, and Site Director of "Power Engineering Research Center, PSerc" consortium. His expertise is in Protective Relaying, Automated Power System Disturbance Analysis, Computational Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Smart Grids. He has published over 550 papers, given over 120 seminars, invited and short courses, and consulted for over 50 companies worldwide. He is the Principal of XpertPower™ Associates, a consulting firm specializing in power systems data analytics.
Dr. Kezunovic is an IEEE Life Fellow, a CIGRE Fellow, Honorary and Distinguished Member, and a Registered Professional Engineer in Texas.

Current Employment top-arrow

Texas A&M University (TAMU), Department of ECEN, College Station, TX

2016 - present

Regents Professor

2012 - present

Director, Smart Grid Center

2000 - present

Eugene E. Webb Professorship

1996 - present

Professor, Tenured

1992 - present

Director, Power Systems Control and Protection Laboratory

National Science Foundation I/UCRC

2000 - present

Site Director, Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSERC)

Test Laboratories International, Inc. d.b.a. XpertPower Associates

1992 - present

President& CEO, Principal Consultant

Texas Board of Professional Engineers

1993 - present

Registered Professional Engineer, License No. 76824


Education top-arrow

University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

Jun 1980

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Oct 1977

M.Sc., Electrical Engineering

University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosnia

Oct 1974

Diploma of Engineering, Electrical Engineering


Honors/Awards top-arrow


Tsinghua University, China

2018 - 2021

Guest Professor in State Key Laboratory of Simulation of Power System and Generation Equipment

Texas A&M University at Qatar, Qatar


Eminent Scholar

National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), Brazil


Special Visiting Scholar, Science without Borders

Texas A&M University, College Station, TX


Association of Former Students Distinguished Achievement Award for Research


Regents Professor


Faculty Service Award, Department of ECEN


Texas Engineering Experiment Station, Senior Fellow

The King Saud University, Saudi Arabia


ARAMCO Chair in Electrical Power

South China University of Technology, China


Honorary Title, Guest Professor


National Institute of Standards and Technology


Smart Grid Interoperability Panel 2.0 Director, Board of Directors


Smart Grid Interoperability Panel 1.0 Governing Board, Elected Member

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers


IEEE PES Prize Paper Award, "Advancements in Centralized Protection and Control WIthin a Substation"


IEEE PES Technical Committee, WG Recognition Award “Understanding, Prediction, Mitigation and Restoration of Cascading Failures”


Power Systems Relaying Committee (PSRC), Service Award for 25 Years


IEEE, Educational Activities Board Standards Education Award


Power Systems Analysis, Computing and Economics Committee, Chairman Certificate of Appreciation, TF on "Fault Analysis"


The IEEE Standards Association, Outstanding contribution to development of IEEE Standard C37.239-2010

International Council on Large Electric Systems-CIGRE


Distinguished member, US National Committee


CIGRE Paris, Fellow and Honorary Member


CIGRE Paris, Technical Committee Award for "remarkable technical contribution to the study committee B5, protection and automation"


Students top-arrow

27 Former Ph.D. graduate students
21 Former M.Sc. graduate students
8 Former M.E. graduate students
6 Ph.D. candidates
2 M.Sc. candidates


Service top-arrow

Texas A&M University


Hiring Committee


Member, ECE Tenure and Promotion Committee


Member, Energy Action Plan 2015 Advisory Committee


Member, Entrepreneurship Committee, Texas A&M University

NIST, Smart Grid Interoperability Panel


Director, Board of Directors, SGIP 2.0


Member, Testing and Certification Committee


Member, Governing Board, SGIP 1.0


Chair, GB WG on Communication, Marketing and Education


Member, Priority Action Plan 13


Member, Domain Expert Working Group for T&D

National Research Council


Review Panel, NIST Physical Measurement Laboratory

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

Power Systems Relaying Committee


Member, Power Systems Relaying Committee


Member, Line Protection Subcommittee


Member of 28 working groups
Power Systems Analysis, Computing and Economics Committee


Member, Subcommittee on Intelligent System Applications

International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE)


Convener, U.S. Representative, Working Group B5.62, Life Cycle Testing of Synchrophasor Based Systems used for Protection, Monitoring and Control, Study Committee B5 (Protection)


Member, U. S. National Committee


Convener, U.S. Representative, Working Group B5.10, "Education, Qualification and Continuing Professional Development of Engineers in Protection and Control," Study Committee B5 (Protection)


Member of six working groups

Editorial Boards


Member, Editorial Advisory Panel, Electric Power Systems Research Journal, Switzerland



IEEE transactions in Instrumentation and measurements


IEEE Transactions on Smart grids


Science Foundation of Serbia


National Science Foundation


Canadian Electrical Association


IEE Proc. Generation, Trans& Distribution, England


IEEE Power Engineering Society, Trans. on Power Systems


IEEE Power Engineering Society, Trans. on Power Delivery


Journal on Engineering Intelligent Systems, England


Journal on Elec. Power and Energy Systems, Elsevier Science


May 2015

Chair, NSF-PSerc Workshop, Physical and Cyber Infrastructure to Support the Future Grid: Unresolved Research Problems and Technology Requirements for the Next 10 Years

Jan 2013,
Feb 2014,
Feb 2015

Member, Technical Committee, "IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT)", Washington DC

Dec 2013

Chair, NSF Workshop on "Energy Cyber-Physical Systems"


Chair, Annual Smart Grid Workshop,
Texas A&M University


Research top-arrow

Total project funding raised is $43,397,792 (TAMU portion is $23,396,730)

(only the most recent 10 projects out of over 100 awarded are listed)


“US-India Collaborative for Smart Distribution System with Storage (UI-ASSIST)”

Oct 2016-Oct 2019

"Timing Intrusion Management Ensuring Resiliency (TIMER)"

Sep 2016-Sep 2019

"Smart Grids Big Data Spoke"

Feb 2016-Jan 2017

"Vegetation Management Risk Model"

Feb 2016-Jan 2019

"Integration of Solar Generation and Electrical Vehicles Into The Smart Grid"

Jan 2016 - Dec 2018

"Detection, Classification, and Mitigation of Cybersecurity Attacks on Synchrophasor Systems"

July 2015-Aug 2018

"High Impact Project Title: Life-cycle Management of Mission-Critical Systems Through Certification, Commissioning, In-Service Maintenance, Remote Testing, and Risk Assessment"

Sep 2014-Aug 2016

"Development of Advanced Open-Source PMU/PDC Lab and Applications with Synchronized Data Obtained from Simulation and Actual Power Network"

Sep 2014-Aug 2016

"Energy Cyberphysical Systems: Experimental Open Source Ecosystem for Synchrophasor Research"

Jan 2014-Dec 2014

"The Use of Big Data for Outage Management in Distribution Systems"


Publications top-arrow

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