ELEN 679

Computer Relays

Credit: 3
Prerequisite: Approval of instructor.

Brief introduction:

  • Real-time digital computer application to protective relaying;
  • Extensive overview of digital protection algorithms;
  • Latest technological advancements as microprocessor-based relays;
  • Fiber-optic communication systems;
  • Unconventional instrument transformers;
  • Dynamic testing tools and methodologies, etc.

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Week Topics
1 Introduction; Course Outline; Definitions; Introduction to the project assignments and lab facilities
2 Protection Function Requirements
3 Computer Relay Hardware and Software
4 Digital Algorithms Based on Fundamental Frequency
5 Digital Algorithms Based on Traveling Waves
6 Relay Design Characteristics
7 Summary of Algorithms; Exam #1
8 Project #1 Presentations
9 Spring Break
10 Integrated/Coordinated System Concept for Substations
11 Substation System Hardware; Software; Communications
12 Adaptive and System-Wide Relaying; Intelligent Systems
13 Testing Tools and Methodologies
14 Fiber-Optic Applications; Standardizations
15 Course Summary; Exam #2
16 Project #2 Demonstrations